Customer Experience Management

Crowd Source Customer Experience Data

Capture a wider user base for more reliable insights.

Metricell have extensive experience in the collection of large scale, crowd-sourced telephony data in order to drive optimisation of networks. The data we collect is analysed and presented back in the form of metrics and KPIs to give the Operator a better understanding of the end-subscriber’s experience. We aggregate metrics to provide a unique stream of data for performance monitoring and the analysis of trends.

  • Use crowd-source data to monitor network performance – automatically capturing real-time key performance measurements (dropped calls, no service, no data and more), as experienced by the subscriber.
  • Use our API to crowd-source data – instantly utilising an existing Apps user base!

Three key benefits you can obtain from crowd-sourcing:

  1. Cost Reductions
  2. Superior Customer Service
  3. A Better Mobile Network 

Insentivising a large user base to report on network problems can be a difficult undertaking...see how we employed gamification techniques to help Tele2 gain greater insight into subscriber experience across Moscow! 


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